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isc::d2::DScalarContext Class Reference

Storage container for scalar configuration parameters. More...

#include <d2_config.h>

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Public Member Functions

 DScalarContext ()
virtual ~DScalarContext ()
virtual process::ConfigPtr clone ()
 Creates a clone of a DStubContext.
virtual isc::data::ElementPtr toElement () const
 Unparse a configuration object.
- Public Member Functions inherited from isc::process::ConfigBase
const process::LoggingInfoStoragegetLoggingInfo () const
 Returns logging specific configuration.
void addLoggingInfo (const process::LoggingInfo &logging_info)
 Sets logging specific configuration.
void applyLoggingCfg () const
 Apply logging configuration to log4cplus.
bool equals (const ConfigBase &other) const
 Compares two configuration.
virtual void merge (ConfigBase &other)
 Merges specified configuration into this configuration.
process::ConstConfigControlInfoPtr getConfigControlInfo () const
 Fetches a read-only copy of the configuration control information.
void setConfigControlInfo (const process::ConfigControlInfoPtr &config_ctl_info)
 Set the configuration control information.
void setServerTag (const util::Optional< std::string > &server_tag)
 Sets the server's logical name.
util::Optional< std::string > getServerTag () const
 Returns the server's logical name.
boost::posix_time::ptime getLastCommitTime () const
 Returns the last commit timestamp.
void setLastCommitTime (const boost::posix_time::ptime &last_commit_time)
 Sets the last commit timestamp.
- Public Member Functions inherited from isc::data::UserContext
void contextToElement (data::ElementPtr map) const
 Merge unparse a user_context object.
data::ConstElementPtr getContext () const
 Returns const pointer to the user context.
void setContext (const data::ConstElementPtr &ctx)
 Sets user context.
- Public Member Functions inherited from isc::data::CfgToElement
virtual ~CfgToElement ()
virtual isc::data::ElementPtr toElement () const =0
 Unparse a configuration object.

Protected Member Functions

 DScalarContext (const DScalarContext &rhs)
 Copy constructor.
- Protected Member Functions inherited from isc::process::ConfigBase
void copy (ConfigBase &new_config) const
 Copies the current configuration to a new configuration.

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from isc::data::UserContext
static data::ElementPtr toElement (data::ConstElementPtr map)
 Copy an Element map.
- Protected Attributes inherited from isc::data::UserContext
data::ConstElementPtr user_context_
 Pointer to the user context (may be NULL)

Detailed Description

Storage container for scalar configuration parameters.

This class is useful for implementing parsers for more complex configuration elements (e.g. those of item type "map"). It provides a convenient way to add storage to the parser for an arbitrary number and variety of scalar configuration items (e.g. ints, bools, strings...) without explicitly adding storage for each individual type needed by the parser.

This class implements a concrete version of the base class by supplying a "clone" method.

Definition at line 740 of file d2_config.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ DScalarContext() [1/2]

isc::d2::DScalarContext::DScalarContext ( )


Definition at line 744 of file d2_config.h.

Referenced by clone().

◆ ~DScalarContext()

virtual isc::d2::DScalarContext::~DScalarContext ( )


Definition at line 748 of file d2_config.h.

◆ DScalarContext() [2/2]

isc::d2::DScalarContext::DScalarContext ( const DScalarContext rhs)

Copy constructor.

Definition at line 767 of file d2_config.h.

Member Function Documentation

◆ clone()

virtual process::ConfigPtr isc::d2::DScalarContext::clone ( )

Creates a clone of a DStubContext.

returns a pointer to the new clone.

Definition at line 754 of file d2_config.h.

References DScalarContext().

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◆ toElement()

virtual isc::data::ElementPtr isc::d2::DScalarContext::toElement ( ) const

Unparse a configuration object.

a pointer to a configuration

Reimplemented from isc::process::ConfigBase.

Definition at line 761 of file d2_config.h.

References isc_throw.

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