Kea 2.5.9
isc::dns::rdata::generic Namespace Reference


namespace  detail


class  Generic
 The generic::Generic class represents generic "unknown" RDATA. More...
struct  GenericImpl
class  NS
class  OPT
class  PTR
class  RRSIG
 rdata::RRSIG class represents the RRSIG RDATA as defined in RFC4034. More...
class  SOA
class  TKEY
 rdata::TKEY class represents the TKEY RDATA as defined in RFC2930. More...
class  TXT


std::ostream & operator<< (std::ostream &os, const Generic &rdata)
 Insert the name as a string into stream.

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std::ostream & isc::dns::rdata::generic::operator<< ( std::ostream &  os,
const Generic rdata 

Insert the name as a string into stream.

This method convert the rdata into a string and inserts it into the output stream os.

This function overloads the global operator<< to behave as described in ostream::operator<< but applied to generic::Generic Rdata objects.

osA std::ostream object on which the insertion operation is performed.
rdataThe Generic object output by the operation.
A reference to the same std::ostream object referenced by parameter os after the insertion operation.

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References isc::dns::rdata::generic::Generic::toText().

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