Kea 2.5.8
isc::process::ConfigControlParser Class Reference

Implements parser for config control information, "config-control". More...

#include <config_ctl_parser.h>

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Public Member Functions

ConfigControlInfoPtr parse (const data::ConstElementPtr &config_control)
 Parses a configuration control Element.

Detailed Description

Implements parser for config control information, "config-control".

Definition at line 18 of file config_ctl_parser.h.

Member Function Documentation

◆ parse()

ConfigControlInfoPtr isc::process::ConfigControlParser::parse ( const data::ConstElementPtr config_control)

Parses a configuration control Element.

config_controlElement holding the config control content to be parsed.
Pointer to newly created ConfigControlInfo instance
DhcpConfigErrorwhen config control content is invalid.
do we still need access_string for this at all? can't we just use params directly and get rid of the string now that DatabaseConnection::toElement(map) exists?

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References isc::data::SimpleParser::getInteger(), isc_throw, isc::data::Element::list, isc::db::DbAccessParser::parse(), and isc::Exception::what().

Referenced by isc::dhcp::processDhcp4Config(), and isc::dhcp::processDhcp6Config().

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