Kea 2.5.8
isc::process::LogConfigParser Class Reference

Configures log4cplus by translating Kea configuration structures. More...

#include <log_parser.h>

Public Member Functions

 LogConfigParser (const ConfigPtr &storage)
void parseConfiguration (const isc::data::ConstElementPtr &log_config, bool verbose=false)
 Parses specified configuration.

Detailed Description

Configures log4cplus by translating Kea configuration structures.

This parser iterates over provided data elements and translates them into values applicable to log4cplus.

The data structures converted to JSON format have the following syntax: { "name": "kea", "output-options": [ { "output": "/home/thomson/kea-inst/kea-warn.log", "maxver": 8, "maxsize": 204800, "flush": true } ], "severity": "WARN" }

This is only an example and actual values may be different.

The data structures don't have to originate from JSON. JSON is just a convenient presentation syntax.

This class uses ConfigBase object to store logging configuration.

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ LogConfigParser()

isc::process::LogConfigParser::LogConfigParser ( const ConfigPtr storage)


storageparsed logging configuration will be stored here

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References isc_throw.

Member Function Documentation

◆ parseConfiguration()

void isc::process::LogConfigParser::parseConfiguration ( const isc::data::ConstElementPtr log_config,
bool  verbose = false 

Parses specified configuration.

Walks over specified logging configuration JSON structures and store parsed information in config_->logging_info_.

log_configJSON structures to be parsed (loggers list)
verbosespecifies verbose mode (true forces DEBUG, debuglevel = 99)

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Referenced by isc::process::Daemon::configureLogger().

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