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isc::lease_cmds::Lease6Parser Class Reference

Parser for Lease6 structure. More...

#include <lease_parser.h>

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Public Member Functions

virtual ~Lease6Parser ()
 virtual dtor (does nothing)
virtual isc::dhcp::Lease6Ptr parse (isc::dhcp::ConstSrvConfigPtr &cfg, const isc::data::ConstElementPtr &lease_info, bool &force_create)
 Parses Element tree and tries to convert to Lease4.
- Public Member Functions inherited from isc::data::SimpleParser
uint16_t getUint16 (isc::data::ConstElementPtr scope, const std::string &name)
 Returns a value converted to uint16_t.
uint32_t getUint32 (isc::data::ConstElementPtr scope, const std::string &name)
 Returns a value converted to uint32_t.
uint8_t getUint8 (ConstElementPtr scope, const std::string &name)
 Get an uint8_t value.
const isc::util::Triplet< uint32_t > parseIntTriplet (const data::ConstElementPtr &scope, const std::string &name)
 Parses an integer triplet.

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from isc::data::SimpleParser
static void checkKeywords (const SimpleKeywords &keywords, isc::data::ConstElementPtr scope)
 Checks acceptable keywords with their expected type.
static void checkRequired (const SimpleRequiredKeywords &required, isc::data::ConstElementPtr scope)
 Checks that all required keywords are present.
static size_t deriveParams (isc::data::ConstElementPtr parent, isc::data::ElementPtr child, const ParamsList &params)
 Derives (inherits) parameters from parent scope to a child.
static isc::asiolink::IOAddress getAddress (const ConstElementPtr &scope, const std::string &name)
 Returns a IOAddress parameter from a scope.
static bool getBoolean (isc::data::ConstElementPtr scope, const std::string &name)
 Returns a boolean parameter from a scope.
static double getDouble (const ConstElementPtr &scope, const std::string &name)
 Returns a floating point parameter from a scope.
static int64_t getInteger (isc::data::ConstElementPtr scope, const std::string &name)
 Returns an integer parameter from a scope.
static int64_t getInteger (isc::data::ConstElementPtr scope, const std::string &name, int64_t min, int64_t max)
 Returns an integer parameter from a scope and checks its range.
static const data::Element::PositiongetPosition (const std::string &name, const data::ConstElementPtr parent)
 Utility method that returns position of an element.
static std::string getString (isc::data::ConstElementPtr scope, const std::string &name)
 Returns a string parameter from a scope.
static size_t setDefaults (isc::data::ElementPtr scope, const SimpleDefaults &default_values)
 Sets the default values.
static size_t setListDefaults (isc::data::ConstElementPtr list, const SimpleDefaults &default_values)
 Sets the default values for all entries in a list.
- Protected Member Functions inherited from isc::data::SimpleParser
template<typename target_type , target_type convert>
target_type getAndConvert (isc::data::ConstElementPtr scope, const std::string &name, const std::string &type_name)
 Returns a converted value from a scope.
template<typename int_type >
int_type getIntType (isc::data::ConstElementPtr scope, const std::string &name)
 Returns an integer value with range checking from a scope.

Detailed Description

Parser for Lease6 structure.

{ "address": "2001:db8::1", "duid": "00:01:02:03:04:05", "type": "IA_NA", "cltt": 12345678, "preferred-lft": 3600, "valid-lft": 3600, "expire": 1499282530, "subnet-id": 1, "fqdn-fwd": true, "fqdn-rev": true, "hostname": "", "state": 0, "user-context": { "version": 1 } } It expects the input data to use the following format:

Definition at line 78 of file lease_parser.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ ~Lease6Parser()

virtual isc::lease_cmds::Lease6Parser::~Lease6Parser ( )

virtual dtor (does nothing)

Definition at line 98 of file lease_parser.h.

Member Function Documentation

◆ parse()

Lease6Ptr isc::lease_cmds::Lease6Parser::parse ( isc::dhcp::ConstSrvConfigPtr & cfg,
const isc::data::ConstElementPtr & lease_info,
bool & force_create )

Parses Element tree and tries to convert to Lease4.

See Lease6Parser class description for expected format.

cfgCurrently running config (used for sanity checks and defaults)
lease_infostructure to be parsed
[out]force_createindicates if the lease should be created when it doesn't exist.
A pointer to Lease4
BadValueif any of the parameters is invalid
DhcpConfigErrorif mandatory parameter is missing
LeaseCmdsConflictwhen specified subnet-id does not match the lease or the lease address does not match the subnet range.

Let's calculate client last transmission time (cltt). If expiration timestamp is specified explicitly, we will use that. Note there are no checks whether this is in the past. There may be valid cases when user wants to insert expired leases, e.g. when migrating from one DHCP server to another and wants to migrate the database as is, without discarding any leases.

Definition at line 203 of file

References isc::data::copy(), isc::data::Element::createMap(), isc::asiolink::firstAddrInPrefix(), isc::dhcp::DUID::fromText(), isc::dhcp::HWAddr::fromText(), isc::data::SimpleParser::getAddress(), isc::data::SimpleParser::getBoolean(), isc::data::SimpleParser::getInteger(), isc::data::SimpleParser::getString(), isc::data::SimpleParser::getUint32(), isc::data::SimpleParser::getUint8(), isc_throw, isc::asiolink::IOAddress::isV4(), isc::data::Element::map, isc::dhcp::Lease::STATE_DECLINED, isc::dhcp::Lease::STATE_RELEASED, isc::asiolink::IOAddress::toText(), isc::dhcp::Lease::TYPE_NA, isc::dhcp::Lease::TYPE_PD, isc::dhcp::Lease::TYPE_TA, and isc::dhcp::LeaseMgr::upgradeLease6ExtendedInfo().

Referenced by isc::lease_cmds::LeaseCmdsImpl::lease6BulkApplyHandler(), isc::lease_cmds::LeaseCmdsImpl::lease6UpdateHandler(), and isc::lease_cmds::LeaseCmdsImpl::leaseAddHandler().

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