Kea 2.7.0 File Reference
#include <stdio.h>
#include <string.h>
#include <errno.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <cctype>
#include <cerrno>
#include <climits>
#include <cstdint>
#include <cstdlib>
#include <string>
#include <dhcp6/parser_context.h>
#include <asiolink/io_address.h>
#include <boost/lexical_cast.hpp>
#include <exceptions/exceptions.h>
#include <unistd.h>
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struct  yy_buffer_state
struct  yy_trans_info


#define BEGIN   (yy_start) = 1 + 2 *
#define COMMENT   1
#define DIR_ENTER   2
#define DIR_EXIT   4
#define DIR_INCLUDE   3
#define ECHO   do { if (fwrite( yytext, (size_t) yyleng, 1, yyout )) {} } while (0)
#define EOB_ACT_END_OF_FILE   1
#define EOB_ACT_LAST_MATCH   2
#define FLEX_DEBUG
#define FLEXINT_H
#define INITIAL   0
#define INT16_MAX   (32767)
#define INT16_MIN   (-32767-1)
#define INT32_MAX   (2147483647)
#define INT32_MIN   (-2147483647-1)
#define INT8_MAX   (127)
#define INT8_MIN   (-128)
#define parser6__create_buffer_ALREADY_DEFINED
#define parser6__delete_buffer_ALREADY_DEFINED
#define parser6__flex_debug_ALREADY_DEFINED
#define parser6__flush_buffer_ALREADY_DEFINED
#define parser6__init_buffer_ALREADY_DEFINED
#define parser6__load_buffer_state_ALREADY_DEFINED
#define parser6__scan_buffer_ALREADY_DEFINED
#define parser6__scan_bytes_ALREADY_DEFINED
#define parser6__scan_string_ALREADY_DEFINED
#define parser6__switch_to_buffer_ALREADY_DEFINED
#define parser6_alloc_ALREADY_DEFINED
#define parser6_ensure_buffer_stack_ALREADY_DEFINED
#define parser6_free_ALREADY_DEFINED
#define parser6_in_ALREADY_DEFINED
#define parser6_leng_ALREADY_DEFINED
#define parser6_lex_ALREADY_DEFINED
#define parser6_lineno_ALREADY_DEFINED
#define parser6_out_ALREADY_DEFINED
#define parser6_pop_buffer_state_ALREADY_DEFINED
#define parser6_push_buffer_state_ALREADY_DEFINED
#define parser6_realloc_ALREADY_DEFINED
#define parser6_restart_ALREADY_DEFINED
#define parser6_text_ALREADY_DEFINED
#define parser6_wrap()   (/*CONSTCOND*/1)
#define parser6_wrap_ALREADY_DEFINED
#define REJECT   reject_used_but_not_detected
#define SIZE_MAX   (~(size_t)0)
#define UINT16_MAX   (65535U)
#define UINT32_MAX   (4294967295U)
#define UINT8_MAX   (255U)
#define unput(c)   yyunput( c, (yytext_ptr) )
#define YY_AT_BOL()   (YY_CURRENT_BUFFER_LVALUE->yy_at_bol)
#define YY_BREAK   /*LINTED*/break;
#define YY_BUF_SIZE   16384
#define YY_BUFFER_NEW   0
#define YY_BUFFER_NORMAL   1
#define yy_create_buffer   parser6__create_buffer
#define YY_CURRENT_BUFFER_LVALUE   (yy_buffer_stack)[(yy_buffer_stack_top)]
#define YY_DECL   int yylex (void)
#define YY_DECL_IS_OURS   1
#define yy_delete_buffer   parser6__delete_buffer
#define YY_END_OF_BUFFER   227
#define YY_EXIT_FAILURE   2
#define YY_EXTRA_TYPE   void *
#define YY_FATAL_ERROR(msg)   isc::dhcp::Parser6Context::fatal(msg)
#define yy_flex_debug   parser6__flex_debug
#define yy_flush_buffer   parser6__flush_buffer
#define YY_FLUSH_BUFFER   yy_flush_buffer( YY_CURRENT_BUFFER )
#define yy_init_buffer   parser6__init_buffer
#define YY_INPUT(buf, result, max_size)
#define YY_INT_ALIGNED   short int
#define YY_LESS_LINENO(n)
#define YY_LINENO_REWIND_TO(ptr)
#define yy_load_buffer_state   parser6__load_buffer_state
#define YY_MORE_ADJ   0
#define yy_new_buffer   yy_create_buffer
#define YY_NEW_FILE   yyrestart( yyin )
#define YY_NO_INPUT   1
#define YY_NULL   0
#define YY_NUM_RULES   226
#define YY_READ_BUF_SIZE   8192
#define YY_SC_TO_UI(c)   ((YY_CHAR) (c))
#define yy_scan_buffer   parser6__scan_buffer
#define yy_scan_bytes   parser6__scan_bytes
#define yy_scan_string   parser6__scan_string
#define yy_set_bol(at_bol)
#define yy_set_interactive(is_interactive)
#define YY_START   (((yy_start) - 1) / 2)
#define YY_START_STACK_INCR   25
#define YY_STATE_BUF_SIZE   ((YY_BUF_SIZE + 2) * sizeof(yy_state_type))
#define YY_STATE_EOF(state)   (YY_END_OF_BUFFER + state + 1)
#define yy_switch_to_buffer   parser6__switch_to_buffer
#define YY_USER_ACTION   driver.loc_.columns(yyleng);
#define yyalloc   parser6_alloc
#define yyconst   const
#define yyensure_buffer_stack   parser6_ensure_buffer_stack
#define yyfree   parser6_free
#define yyget_debug   parser6_get_debug
#define yyget_extra   parser6_get_extra
#define yyget_in(void)   parser6_get_in
 Get the input stream.
#define yyget_leng(void)   parser6_get_leng
 Get the length of the current token.
#define yyget_lineno(void)   parser6_get_lineno
 Get the current line number.
#define yyget_out(void)   parser6_get_out
 Get the output stream.
#define yyget_text(void)   parser6_get_text
 Get the current token.
#define yyin   parser6_in
#define yyleng   parser6_leng
#define yyless(n)
#define yyless(n)
#define yylex   parser6_lex
#define yylex_destroy   parser6_lex_destroy
#define yylex_init   parser6_lex_init
#define yylex_init_extra   parser6_lex_init_extra
#define yylineno   parser6_lineno
#define yymore()   yymore_used_but_not_detected
#define yynoreturn
#define yyout   parser6_out
#define yypop_buffer_state(void)   parser6_pop_buffer_state
 Removes and deletes the top of the stack, if present.
#define yypush_buffer_state   parser6_push_buffer_state
#define yyrealloc   parser6_realloc
#define yyrestart   parser6_restart
#define yyset_debug   parser6_set_debug
#define yyset_extra   parser6_set_extra
#define yyset_in   parser6_set_in
#define yyset_lineno   parser6_set_lineno
#define yyset_out   parser6_set_out
#define YYTABLES_NAME   "yytables"
#define yyterminate()   return YY_NULL
#define yytext   parser6_text
#define yytext_ptr   yytext
#define yywrap   parser6_wrap
#define yywrap()   1


typedef short int flex_int16_t
typedef int flex_int32_t
typedef signed char flex_int8_t
typedef unsigned short int flex_uint16_t
typedef unsigned int flex_uint32_t
typedef unsigned char flex_uint8_t
typedef struct yy_buffer_stateYY_BUFFER_STATE
typedef flex_uint8_t YY_CHAR
typedef size_t yy_size_t
typedef int yy_state_type


 if (!(yy_init))
 if (start_token_flag)
 while (1)
YY_BUFFER_STATE yy_create_buffer (FILE *file, int size)
 Allocate and initialize an input buffer state.
void yy_delete_buffer (YY_BUFFER_STATE b)
 Destroy the buffer.
void yy_flush_buffer (YY_BUFFER_STATE b)
 Discard all buffered characters.
YY_BUFFER_STATE yy_scan_buffer (char *base, yy_size_t size)
 Setup the input buffer state to scan directly from a user-specified character buffer.
YY_BUFFER_STATE yy_scan_bytes (const char *yybytes, int _yybytes_len)
 Setup the input buffer state to scan the given bytes.
YY_BUFFER_STATE yy_scan_string (const char *yystr)
 Setup the input buffer state to scan a string.
void yy_switch_to_buffer (YY_BUFFER_STATE new_buffer)
 Switch to a different input buffer.
void * yyalloc (yy_size_t)
void yyfree (void *)
void yypush_buffer_state (YY_BUFFER_STATE new_buffer)
 Pushes the new state onto the stack.
void * yyrealloc (void *, yy_size_t)
void yyrestart (FILE *input_file)
 Immediately switch to a different input stream.
void yyset_debug (int debug_flag)
void yyset_extra (YY_EXTRA_TYPE user_defined)
void yyset_in (FILE *_in_str)
 Set the input stream.
void yyset_lineno (int _line_number)
 Set the current line number.
void yyset_out (FILE *_out_str)


int yy_act
char * yy_bp
char * yy_cp
 The main scanner function which does all the work.
int yy_flex_debug = 1
FILE * yyin = NULL
int yyleng
int yylineno = 1
FILE * yyout = NULL
char * yytext

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#define BEGIN   (yy_start) = 1 + 2 *

Definition at line 414 of file

Referenced by while().


#define COMMENT   1

Definition at line 2213 of file

Referenced by while().


#define DIR_ENTER   2

Definition at line 2214 of file

Referenced by while().


#define DIR_EXIT   4

Definition at line 2216 of file

Referenced by while().


#define DIR_INCLUDE   3

Definition at line 2215 of file

Referenced by while().


#define ECHO   do { if (fwrite( yytext, (size_t) yyleng, 1, yyout )) {} } while (0)

Definition at line 2338 of file

Referenced by while().



Definition at line 464 of file

Referenced by while().


#define EOB_ACT_END_OF_FILE   1

Definition at line 465 of file

Referenced by while().


#define EOB_ACT_LAST_MATCH   2

Definition at line 466 of file

Referenced by while().


#define FLEX_DEBUG

Definition at line 655 of file



Definition at line 41 of file


#define FLEXINT_H

Definition at line 311 of file


#define INITIAL   0

Definition at line 2212 of file

Referenced by while().


#define INT16_MAX   (32767)

Definition at line 353 of file


#define INT16_MIN   (-32767-1)

Definition at line 344 of file


#define INT32_MAX   (2147483647)

Definition at line 356 of file


#define INT32_MIN   (-2147483647-1)

Definition at line 347 of file


#define INT8_MAX   (127)

Definition at line 350 of file


#define INT8_MIN   (-128)

Definition at line 341 of file

◆ parser6__create_buffer_ALREADY_DEFINED

#define parser6__create_buffer_ALREADY_DEFINED

Definition at line 54 of file

◆ parser6__delete_buffer_ALREADY_DEFINED

#define parser6__delete_buffer_ALREADY_DEFINED

Definition at line 60 of file

◆ parser6__flex_debug_ALREADY_DEFINED

#define parser6__flex_debug_ALREADY_DEFINED

Definition at line 280 of file

◆ parser6__flush_buffer_ALREADY_DEFINED

#define parser6__flush_buffer_ALREADY_DEFINED

Definition at line 90 of file

◆ parser6__init_buffer_ALREADY_DEFINED

#define parser6__init_buffer_ALREADY_DEFINED

Definition at line 84 of file

◆ parser6__load_buffer_state_ALREADY_DEFINED

#define parser6__load_buffer_state_ALREADY_DEFINED

Definition at line 96 of file

◆ parser6__scan_buffer_ALREADY_DEFINED

#define parser6__scan_buffer_ALREADY_DEFINED

Definition at line 66 of file

◆ parser6__scan_bytes_ALREADY_DEFINED

#define parser6__scan_bytes_ALREADY_DEFINED

Definition at line 78 of file

◆ parser6__scan_string_ALREADY_DEFINED

#define parser6__scan_string_ALREADY_DEFINED

Definition at line 72 of file

◆ parser6__switch_to_buffer_ALREADY_DEFINED

#define parser6__switch_to_buffer_ALREADY_DEFINED

Definition at line 102 of file

◆ parser6_alloc_ALREADY_DEFINED

#define parser6_alloc_ALREADY_DEFINED

Definition at line 236 of file

◆ parser6_ensure_buffer_stack_ALREADY_DEFINED

#define parser6_ensure_buffer_stack_ALREADY_DEFINED

Definition at line 120 of file

◆ parser6_free_ALREADY_DEFINED

#define parser6_free_ALREADY_DEFINED

Definition at line 248 of file

◆ parser6_in_ALREADY_DEFINED

#define parser6_in_ALREADY_DEFINED

Definition at line 268 of file

◆ parser6_leng_ALREADY_DEFINED

#define parser6_leng_ALREADY_DEFINED

Definition at line 262 of file

◆ parser6_lex_ALREADY_DEFINED

#define parser6_lex_ALREADY_DEFINED

Definition at line 126 of file

◆ parser6_lineno_ALREADY_DEFINED

#define parser6_lineno_ALREADY_DEFINED

Definition at line 286 of file

◆ parser6_out_ALREADY_DEFINED

#define parser6_out_ALREADY_DEFINED

Definition at line 274 of file

◆ parser6_pop_buffer_state_ALREADY_DEFINED

#define parser6_pop_buffer_state_ALREADY_DEFINED

Definition at line 114 of file

◆ parser6_push_buffer_state_ALREADY_DEFINED

#define parser6_push_buffer_state_ALREADY_DEFINED

Definition at line 108 of file

◆ parser6_realloc_ALREADY_DEFINED

#define parser6_realloc_ALREADY_DEFINED

Definition at line 242 of file

◆ parser6_restart_ALREADY_DEFINED

#define parser6_restart_ALREADY_DEFINED

Definition at line 132 of file

◆ parser6_text_ALREADY_DEFINED

#define parser6_text_ALREADY_DEFINED

Definition at line 256 of file

◆ parser6_wrap

#define parser6_wrap ( )    (/*CONSTCOND*/1)

Definition at line 652 of file

◆ parser6_wrap_ALREADY_DEFINED

#define parser6_wrap_ALREADY_DEFINED

Definition at line 228 of file


#define REJECT   reject_used_but_not_detected

Definition at line 2134 of file


#define SIZE_MAX   (~(size_t)0)

Definition at line 369 of file


#define UINT16_MAX   (65535U)

Definition at line 362 of file


#define UINT32_MAX   (4294967295U)

Definition at line 365 of file


#define UINT8_MAX   (255U)

Definition at line 359 of file

◆ unput

#define unput ( c)    yyunput( c, (yytext_ptr) )

Definition at line 484 of file


#define YY_AT_BOL ( )    (YY_CURRENT_BUFFER_LVALUE->yy_at_bol)

Definition at line 647 of file


#define YY_BREAK   /*LINTED*/break;

Definition at line 2440 of file

Referenced by while().


#define YY_BUF_SIZE   16384

Definition at line 436 of file

Referenced by if(), and yyrestart().



Definition at line 551 of file


#define YY_BUFFER_NEW   0

Definition at line 539 of file

Referenced by while(), yy_flush_buffer(), and yy_scan_buffer().


#define YY_BUFFER_NORMAL   1

Definition at line 540 of file

Referenced by while().

◆ yy_create_buffer

#define yy_create_buffer   parser6__create_buffer

Definition at line 12 of file

Referenced by if(), and yyrestart().


( (yy_buffer_stack) \
? (yy_buffer_stack)[(yy_buffer_stack_top)] \

Definition at line 575 of file

Referenced by if(), while(), yy_delete_buffer(), yy_flush_buffer(), yy_switch_to_buffer(), yypush_buffer_state(), and yyrestart().


#define YY_CURRENT_BUFFER_LVALUE   (yy_buffer_stack)[(yy_buffer_stack_top)]


#define YY_DECL   int yylex (void)

Definition at line 2425 of file


#define YY_DECL_IS_OURS   1

Definition at line 2420 of file

◆ yy_delete_buffer

#define yy_delete_buffer   parser6__delete_buffer

Definition at line 13 of file


/* %% [2.0] code to fiddle yytext and yyleng for yymore() goes here \ */\
yyleng = (int) (yy_cp - yy_bp); \
(yy_hold_char) = *yy_cp; \
*yy_cp = '\0'; \
/* %% [3.0] code to copy yytext_ptr to yytext[] goes here, if %array \ */\
(yy_c_buf_p) = yy_cp;
char * yy_cp
#define yytext_ptr
char * yy_bp
#define yyleng

Definition at line 685 of file

Referenced by while().


#define YY_END_OF_BUFFER   227

Definition at line 695 of file

Referenced by while().



Definition at line 425 of file

Referenced by yy_flush_buffer(), yy_scan_buffer(), and yy_scan_bytes().


#define YY_EXIT_FAILURE   2

Definition at line 6435 of file


#define YY_EXTRA_TYPE   void *

Definition at line 2231 of file


#define YY_FATAL_ERROR ( msg)    isc::dhcp::Parser6Context::fatal(msg)

Definition at line 2182 of file

Referenced by while(), yy_create_buffer(), yy_scan_buffer(), and yy_scan_bytes().

◆ yy_flex_debug

#define yy_flex_debug   parser6__flex_debug

Definition at line 24 of file

Referenced by while(), and yyset_debug().



Definition at line 42 of file



Definition at line 43 of file



Definition at line 44 of file

◆ yy_flush_buffer

#define yy_flush_buffer   parser6__flush_buffer

Definition at line 18 of file


#define YY_FLUSH_BUFFER   yy_flush_buffer( YY_CURRENT_BUFFER )

Definition at line 616 of file

◆ yy_init_buffer

#define yy_init_buffer   parser6__init_buffer

Definition at line 17 of file

Referenced by yy_create_buffer(), and yyrestart().


#define YY_INPUT ( buf,
max_size )

Definition at line 2348 of file


#define YY_INT_ALIGNED   short int

Definition at line 5 of file


#define YY_LESS_LINENO ( n)

Definition at line 468 of file


#define YY_LINENO_REWIND_TO ( ptr)

Definition at line 469 of file

◆ yy_load_buffer_state

#define yy_load_buffer_state ( void)    parser6__load_buffer_state


#define YY_MORE_ADJ   0

Definition at line 2136 of file

Referenced by while().

◆ yy_new_buffer

#define yy_new_buffer   yy_create_buffer

Definition at line 628 of file


#define YY_NEW_FILE   yyrestart( yyin )

Definition at line 424 of file

Referenced by while().


#define YY_NO_INPUT   1

Definition at line 2198 of file


#define YY_NULL   0

Definition at line 393 of file


#define YY_NUM_RULES   226

Definition at line 694 of file


#define YY_READ_BUF_SIZE   8192

Definition at line 2328 of file



Definition at line 2137 of file

Referenced by while().



Definition at line 2444 of file

Referenced by while().


#define YY_SC_TO_UI ( c)    ((YY_CHAR) (c))

Definition at line 400 of file

Referenced by while().

◆ yy_scan_buffer

#define yy_scan_buffer   parser6__scan_buffer

Definition at line 14 of file

Referenced by yy_scan_bytes().

◆ yy_scan_bytes

#define yy_scan_bytes   parser6__scan_bytes

Definition at line 16 of file

Referenced by yy_scan_string().

◆ yy_scan_string

#define yy_scan_string   parser6__scan_string

Definition at line 15 of file

◆ yy_set_bol

#define yy_set_bol ( at_bol)
{ \
yyensure_buffer_stack (); \
yy_create_buffer( yyin, YY_BUF_SIZE ); \
} \
YY_CURRENT_BUFFER_LVALUE->yy_at_bol = at_bol; \
#define yyin
#define YY_BUF_SIZE

Definition at line 638 of file

◆ yy_set_interactive

#define yy_set_interactive ( is_interactive)
{ \
yyensure_buffer_stack (); \
yy_create_buffer( yyin, YY_BUF_SIZE ); \
} \
YY_CURRENT_BUFFER_LVALUE->yy_is_interactive = is_interactive; \

Definition at line 629 of file



Definition at line 653 of file


#define YY_START   (((yy_start) - 1) / 2)

Definition at line 419 of file

Referenced by while().


#define YY_START_STACK_INCR   25

Definition at line 2393 of file


#define YY_STATE_BUF_SIZE   ((YY_BUF_SIZE + 2) * sizeof(yy_state_type))

Definition at line 442 of file


#define YY_STATE_EOF ( state)    (YY_END_OF_BUFFER + state + 1)

Definition at line 422 of file

Referenced by while().



Definition at line 487 of file

◆ yy_switch_to_buffer

#define yy_switch_to_buffer   parser6__switch_to_buffer

Definition at line 20 of file

Referenced by yy_scan_buffer().



Definition at line 445 of file



Definition at line 450 of file


#define YY_USER_ACTION   driver.loc_.columns(yyleng);

Definition at line 2208 of file

◆ yyalloc

#define yyalloc   parser6_alloc

Definition at line 33 of file

Referenced by yy_create_buffer(), yy_scan_buffer(), and yy_scan_bytes().

◆ yyconst

#define yyconst   const

Definition at line 383 of file

◆ yyensure_buffer_stack

#define yyensure_buffer_stack ( void)    parser6_ensure_buffer_stack

Definition at line 6295 of file

Referenced by if(), yy_switch_to_buffer(), yypush_buffer_state(), and yyrestart().

◆ yyfree

#define yyfree   parser6_free

Definition at line 35 of file

Referenced by yy_delete_buffer().

◆ yyget_debug

#define yyget_debug ( void)    parser6_get_debug

Definition at line 6542 of file

◆ yyget_extra

#define yyget_extra ( void)    parser6_get_extra

Definition at line 170 of file

◆ yyget_in

#define yyget_in ( void)    parser6_get_in

Get the input stream.

Definition at line 6483 of file

◆ yyget_leng

#define yyget_leng ( void)    parser6_get_leng

Get the length of the current token.

Definition at line 6499 of file

◆ yyget_lineno

#define yyget_lineno ( void)    parser6_get_lineno

Get the current line number.

Definition at line 6474 of file

◆ yyget_out

#define yyget_out ( void)    parser6_get_out

Get the output stream.

Definition at line 6491 of file

◆ yyget_text

#define yyget_text ( void)    parser6_get_text

Get the current token.

Definition at line 6508 of file

◆ yyin

#define yyin   parser6_in

Definition at line 25 of file

Referenced by if(), while(), yyrestart(), and yyset_in().

◆ yyleng

#define yyleng   parser6_leng

Definition at line 26 of file

Referenced by while().

◆ yyless [1/2]

#define yyless ( n)
do \
{ \
/* Undo effects of setting up yytext. */ \
int yyless_macro_arg = (n); \
*yy_cp = (yy_hold_char); \
(yy_c_buf_p) = yy_cp = yy_bp + yyless_macro_arg - YY_MORE_ADJ; \
YY_DO_BEFORE_ACTION; /* set up yytext again */ \
} \
while ( 0 )
#define YY_MORE_ADJ

Definition at line 472 of file

◆ yyless [2/2]

#define yyless ( n)
do \
{ \
/* Undo effects of setting up yytext. */ \
int yyless_macro_arg = (n); \
yytext[yyleng] = (yy_hold_char); \
(yy_c_buf_p) = yytext + yyless_macro_arg; \
(yy_hold_char) = *(yy_c_buf_p); \
*(yy_c_buf_p) = '\0'; \
yyleng = yyless_macro_arg; \
} \
while ( 0 )
#define yytext

Definition at line 472 of file

◆ yylex

#define yylex ( void)    parser6_lex

Definition at line 27 of file

◆ yylex_destroy

#define yylex_destroy ( void)    parser6_lex_destroy

Definition at line 6591 of file

◆ yylex_init

#define yylex_init   parser6_lex_init

Definition at line 140 of file

◆ yylex_init_extra

#define yylex_init_extra   parser6_lex_init_extra

Definition at line 146 of file

◆ yylineno

#define yylineno   parser6_lineno

Definition at line 28 of file

Referenced by yyset_lineno().

◆ yymore

#define yymore ( )    yymore_used_but_not_detected

Definition at line 2135 of file

◆ yynoreturn

#define yynoreturn

Definition at line 388 of file

◆ yyout

#define yyout   parser6_out

Definition at line 29 of file

Referenced by if(), and yyset_out().

◆ yypop_buffer_state

#define yypop_buffer_state ( void)    parser6_pop_buffer_state

Removes and deletes the top of the stack, if present.

The next element becomes the new top.

Definition at line 6270 of file

◆ yypush_buffer_state

#define yypush_buffer_state   parser6_push_buffer_state

Definition at line 21 of file

◆ yyrealloc

#define yyrealloc   parser6_realloc

Definition at line 34 of file

◆ yyrestart

#define yyrestart   parser6_restart

Definition at line 30 of file

◆ yyset_debug

#define yyset_debug   parser6_set_debug

Definition at line 164 of file

◆ yyset_extra

#define yyset_extra   parser6_set_extra

Definition at line 176 of file

◆ yyset_in

#define yyset_in   parser6_set_in

Definition at line 188 of file

◆ yyset_lineno

#define yyset_lineno   parser6_set_lineno

Definition at line 224 of file

◆ yyset_out

#define yyset_out   parser6_set_out

Definition at line 200 of file



Definition at line 420 of file


#define YYTABLES_NAME   "yytables"

Definition at line 6665 of file

◆ yyterminate

#define yyterminate ( )    return YY_NULL

Definition at line 2388 of file

◆ yytext

#define yytext   parser6_text

Definition at line 31 of file

Referenced by while().

◆ yytext_ptr

#define yytext_ptr   yytext

Definition at line 669 of file

Referenced by while().

◆ yywrap [1/2]

#define yywrap   parser6_wrap

Definition at line 32 of file

Referenced by while().

◆ yywrap [2/2]

#define yywrap ( )    1

Definition at line 32 of file

Typedef Documentation

◆ flex_int16_t

typedef short int flex_int16_t

Definition at line 333 of file

◆ flex_int32_t

typedef int flex_int32_t

Definition at line 334 of file

◆ flex_int8_t

typedef signed char flex_int8_t

Definition at line 332 of file

◆ flex_uint16_t

typedef unsigned short int flex_uint16_t

Definition at line 336 of file

◆ flex_uint32_t

typedef unsigned int flex_uint32_t

Definition at line 337 of file

◆ flex_uint8_t

typedef unsigned char flex_uint8_t

Definition at line 335 of file


Definition at line 446 of file


Definition at line 656 of file

◆ yy_size_t

typedef size_t yy_size_t

Definition at line 451 of file

◆ yy_state_type

typedef int yy_state_type

Definition at line 660 of file

Function Documentation

◆ if() [1/2]

◆ if() [2/2]

◆ while()

while ( 1 )

Definition at line 2542 of file

References BEGIN, isc::dhcp::Parser6Context::CLIENT_CLASSES, COMMENT, isc::dhcp::Parser6Context::COMPATIBILITY, isc::dhcp::Parser6Context::CONFIG, isc::dhcp::Parser6Context::CONFIG_CONTROL, isc::dhcp::Parser6Context::CONFIG_DATABASE, isc::dhcp::Parser6Context::CONTROL_SOCKET, isc::dhcp::Parser6Context::DATABASE_ON_FAIL, isc::dhcp::Parser6Context::DATABASE_TYPE, isc::dhcp::Parser6Context::DDNS_CONFLICT_RESOLUTION_MODE, isc::dhcp::Parser6Context::DHCP6, isc::dhcp::Parser6Context::DHCP_DDNS, isc::dhcp::Parser6Context::DHCP_MULTI_THREADING, isc::dhcp::Parser6Context::DHCP_QUEUE_CONTROL, DIR_ENTER, DIR_EXIT, DIR_INCLUDE, isc::dhcp::Parser6Context::DUID_TYPE, ECHO, EOB_ACT_CONTINUE_SCAN, EOB_ACT_END_OF_FILE, EOB_ACT_LAST_MATCH, isc::dhcp::Parser6Context::EXPIRED_LEASES_PROCESSING, isc::dhcp::Parser6Context::HOOKS_LIBRARIES, isc::dhcp::Parser6Context::HOST_RESERVATION_IDENTIFIERS, isc::dhcp::Parser6Context::HOSTS_DATABASE, INITIAL, isc::dhcp::Parser6Context::INTERFACES_CONFIG, isc_throw, isc::dhcp::Parser6Context::LEASE_DATABASE, isc::dhcp::Parser6Context::LOGGERS, isc::dhcp::Parser6Context::MAC_SOURCES, isc::dhcp::Dhcp6Parser::make_ALLOCATOR(), isc::dhcp::Dhcp6Parser::make_ALWAYS(), isc::dhcp::Dhcp6Parser::make_ALWAYS_SEND(), isc::dhcp::Dhcp6Parser::make_ARRAY(), isc::dhcp::Dhcp6Parser::make_BOOLEAN(), isc::dhcp::Dhcp6Parser::make_CACHE_MAX_AGE(), isc::dhcp::Dhcp6Parser::make_CACHE_THRESHOLD(), isc::dhcp::Dhcp6Parser::make_CALCULATE_TEE_TIMES(), isc::dhcp::Dhcp6Parser::make_CAPACITY(), isc::dhcp::Dhcp6Parser::make_CERT_FILE(), isc::dhcp::Dhcp6Parser::make_CHECK_EXISTS_WITH_DHCID(), isc::dhcp::Dhcp6Parser::make_CHECK_WITH_DHCID(), isc::dhcp::Dhcp6Parser::make_CIPHER_LIST(), isc::dhcp::Dhcp6Parser::make_CLIENT_CLASS(), isc::dhcp::Dhcp6Parser::make_CLIENT_CLASSES(), isc::dhcp::Dhcp6Parser::make_CODE(), isc::dhcp::Dhcp6Parser::make_COLON(), isc::dhcp::Dhcp6Parser::make_COMMA(), isc::dhcp::Dhcp6Parser::make_COMMENT(), isc::dhcp::Dhcp6Parser::make_COMPATIBILITY(), isc::dhcp::Dhcp6Parser::make_CONFIG_CONTROL(), isc::dhcp::Dhcp6Parser::make_CONFIG_DATABASES(), isc::dhcp::Dhcp6Parser::make_CONFIG_FETCH_WAIT_TIME(), isc::dhcp::Dhcp6Parser::make_CONNECT_TIMEOUT(), isc::dhcp::Dhcp6Parser::make_CONTROL_SOCKET(), isc::dhcp::Dhcp6Parser::make_CSV_FORMAT(), isc::dhcp::Dhcp6Parser::make_DATA(), isc::dhcp::Dhcp6Parser::make_DATA_DIRECTORY(), isc::dhcp::Dhcp6Parser::make_DDNS_CONFLICT_RESOLUTION_MODE(), isc::dhcp::Dhcp6Parser::make_DDNS_GENERATED_PREFIX(), isc::dhcp::Dhcp6Parser::make_DDNS_OVERRIDE_CLIENT_UPDATE(), isc::dhcp::Dhcp6Parser::make_DDNS_OVERRIDE_NO_UPDATE(), isc::dhcp::Dhcp6Parser::make_DDNS_QUALIFYING_SUFFIX(), isc::dhcp::Dhcp6Parser::make_DDNS_REPLACE_CLIENT_NAME(), isc::dhcp::Dhcp6Parser::make_DDNS_SEND_UPDATES(), isc::dhcp::Dhcp6Parser::make_DDNS_TTL_PERCENT(), isc::dhcp::Dhcp6Parser::make_DDNS_UPDATE_ON_RENEW(), isc::dhcp::Dhcp6Parser::make_DDNS_USE_CONFLICT_RESOLUTION(), isc::dhcp::Dhcp6Parser::make_DEBUGLEVEL(), isc::dhcp::Dhcp6Parser::make_DECLINE_PROBATION_PERIOD(), isc::dhcp::Dhcp6Parser::make_DELEGATED_LEN(), isc::dhcp::Dhcp6Parser::make_DHCP4O6_PORT(), isc::dhcp::Dhcp6Parser::make_DHCP6(), isc::dhcp::Dhcp6Parser::make_DHCP_DDNS(), isc::dhcp::Dhcp6Parser::make_DHCP_MULTI_THREADING(), isc::dhcp::Dhcp6Parser::make_DHCP_QUEUE_CONTROL(), isc::dhcp::Dhcp6Parser::make_DUID(), isc::dhcp::Dhcp6Parser::make_EARLY_GLOBAL_RESERVATIONS_LOOKUP(), isc::dhcp::Dhcp6Parser::make_EN(), isc::dhcp::Dhcp6Parser::make_ENABLE_MULTI_THREADING(), isc::dhcp::Dhcp6Parser::make_ENABLE_QUEUE(), isc::dhcp::Dhcp6Parser::make_ENABLE_UPDATES(), isc::dhcp::Dhcp6Parser::make_ENCAPSULATE(), isc::dhcp::Dhcp6Parser::make_END(), isc::dhcp::Dhcp6Parser::make_ENTERPRISE_ID(), isc::dhcp::Dhcp6Parser::make_EXCLUDED_PREFIX(), isc::dhcp::Dhcp6Parser::make_EXCLUDED_PREFIX_LEN(), isc::dhcp::Dhcp6Parser::make_EXPIRED_LEASES_PROCESSING(), isc::dhcp::Dhcp6Parser::make_EXTENDED_INFO_CHECKS(), isc::dhcp::Dhcp6Parser::make_FLEX_ID(), isc::dhcp::Dhcp6Parser::make_FLOAT(), isc::dhcp::Dhcp6Parser::make_FLUSH(), isc::dhcp::Dhcp6Parser::make_FLUSH_RECLAIMED_TIMER_WAIT_TIME(), isc::dhcp::Dhcp6Parser::make_HOLD_RECLAIMED_TIME(), isc::dhcp::Dhcp6Parser::make_HOOKS_LIBRARIES(), isc::dhcp::Dhcp6Parser::make_HOST(), isc::dhcp::Dhcp6Parser::make_HOST_RESERVATION_IDENTIFIERS(), isc::dhcp::Dhcp6Parser::make_HOSTNAME(), isc::dhcp::Dhcp6Parser::make_HOSTNAME_CHAR_REPLACEMENT(), isc::dhcp::Dhcp6Parser::make_HOSTNAME_CHAR_SET(), isc::dhcp::Dhcp6Parser::make_HOSTS_DATABASE(), isc::dhcp::Dhcp6Parser::make_HOSTS_DATABASES(), isc::dhcp::Dhcp6Parser::make_HTYPE(), isc::dhcp::Dhcp6Parser::make_HW_ADDRESS(), isc::dhcp::Dhcp6Parser::make_ID(), isc::dhcp::Dhcp6Parser::make_IDENTIFIER(), isc::dhcp::Dhcp6Parser::make_INTEGER(), isc::dhcp::Dhcp6Parser::make_INTERFACE(), isc::dhcp::Dhcp6Parser::make_INTERFACE_ID(), isc::dhcp::Dhcp6Parser::make_INTERFACES(), isc::dhcp::Dhcp6Parser::make_INTERFACES_CONFIG(), isc::dhcp::Dhcp6Parser::make_IP_ADDRESSES(), isc::dhcp::Dhcp6Parser::make_IP_RESERVATIONS_UNIQUE(), isc::dhcp::Dhcp6Parser::make_JSON(), isc::dhcp::Dhcp6Parser::make_KEY_FILE(), isc::dhcp::Dhcp6Parser::make_LCURLY_BRACKET(), isc::dhcp::Dhcp6Parser::make_LEASE_CHECKS(), isc::dhcp::Dhcp6Parser::make_LEASE_DATABASE(), isc::dhcp::Dhcp6Parser::make_LENIENT_OPTION_PARSING(), isc::dhcp::Dhcp6Parser::make_LFC_INTERVAL(), isc::dhcp::Dhcp6Parser::make_LIBRARY(), isc::dhcp::Dhcp6Parser::make_LL(), isc::dhcp::Dhcp6Parser::make_LLT(), isc::dhcp::Dhcp6Parser::make_LOGGERS(), isc::dhcp::Dhcp6Parser::make_LSQUARE_BRACKET(), isc::dhcp::Dhcp6Parser::make_MAC_SOURCES(), isc::dhcp::Dhcp6Parser::make_MAX_PREFERRED_LIFETIME(), isc::dhcp::Dhcp6Parser::make_MAX_QUEUE_SIZE(), isc::dhcp::Dhcp6Parser::make_MAX_RECLAIM_LEASES(), isc::dhcp::Dhcp6Parser::make_MAX_RECLAIM_TIME(), isc::dhcp::Dhcp6Parser::make_MAX_RECONNECT_TRIES(), isc::dhcp::Dhcp6Parser::make_MAX_ROW_ERRORS(), isc::dhcp::Dhcp6Parser::make_MAX_VALID_LIFETIME(), isc::dhcp::Dhcp6Parser::make_MAXSIZE(), isc::dhcp::Dhcp6Parser::make_MAXVER(), isc::dhcp::Dhcp6Parser::make_MEMFILE(), isc::dhcp::Dhcp6Parser::make_MIN_PREFERRED_LIFETIME(), isc::dhcp::Dhcp6Parser::make_MIN_VALID_LIFETIME(), isc::dhcp::Dhcp6Parser::make_MYSQL(), isc::dhcp::Dhcp6Parser::make_NAME(), isc::dhcp::Dhcp6Parser::make_NCR_FORMAT(), isc::dhcp::Dhcp6Parser::make_NCR_PROTOCOL(), isc::dhcp::Dhcp6Parser::make_NEVER(), isc::dhcp::Dhcp6Parser::make_NEVER_SEND(), isc::dhcp::Dhcp6Parser::make_NO_CHECK_WITH_DHCID(), isc::dhcp::Dhcp6Parser::make_NO_CHECK_WITHOUT_DHCID(), isc::dhcp::Dhcp6Parser::make_NULL_TYPE(), isc::dhcp::Dhcp6Parser::make_ON_FAIL(), isc::dhcp::Dhcp6Parser::make_ONLY_IF_REQUIRED(), isc::dhcp::Dhcp6Parser::make_OPTION_DATA(), isc::dhcp::Dhcp6Parser::make_OPTION_DEF(), isc::dhcp::Dhcp6Parser::make_OUTPUT(), isc::dhcp::Dhcp6Parser::make_OUTPUT_OPTIONS(), isc::dhcp::Dhcp6Parser::make_PACKET_QUEUE_SIZE(), isc::dhcp::Dhcp6Parser::make_PARAMETERS(), isc::dhcp::Dhcp6Parser::make_PARKED_PACKET_LIMIT(), isc::dhcp::Dhcp6Parser::make_PASSWORD(), isc::dhcp::Dhcp6Parser::make_PATTERN(), isc::dhcp::Dhcp6Parser::make_PD_ALLOCATOR(), isc::dhcp::Dhcp6Parser::make_PD_POOLS(), isc::dhcp::Dhcp6Parser::make_PERSIST(), isc::dhcp::Dhcp6Parser::make_POOL(), isc::dhcp::Dhcp6Parser::make_POOL_ID(), isc::dhcp::Dhcp6Parser::make_POOLS(), isc::dhcp::Dhcp6Parser::make_PORT(), isc::dhcp::Dhcp6Parser::make_POSTGRESQL(), isc::dhcp::Dhcp6Parser::make_PREFERRED_LIFETIME(), isc::dhcp::Dhcp6Parser::make_PREFIX(), isc::dhcp::Dhcp6Parser::make_PREFIX_LEN(), isc::dhcp::Dhcp6Parser::make_PREFIXES(), isc::dhcp::Dhcp6Parser::make_QUEUE_TYPE(), isc::dhcp::Dhcp6Parser::make_RAPID_COMMIT(), isc::dhcp::Dhcp6Parser::make_RCURLY_BRACKET(), isc::dhcp::Dhcp6Parser::make_RE_DETECT(), isc::dhcp::Dhcp6Parser::make_READ_TIMEOUT(), isc::dhcp::Dhcp6Parser::make_READONLY(), isc::dhcp::Dhcp6Parser::make_REBIND_TIMER(), isc::dhcp::Dhcp6Parser::make_RECLAIM_TIMER_WAIT_TIME(), isc::dhcp::Dhcp6Parser::make_RECONNECT_WAIT_TIME(), isc::dhcp::Dhcp6Parser::make_RECORD_TYPES(), isc::dhcp::Dhcp6Parser::make_RELAY(), isc::dhcp::Dhcp6Parser::make_RELAY_SUPPLIED_OPTIONS(), isc::dhcp::Dhcp6Parser::make_RENEW_TIMER(), isc::dhcp::Dhcp6Parser::make_REQUIRE_CLIENT_CLASSES(), isc::dhcp::Dhcp6Parser::make_RESERVATIONS(), isc::dhcp::Dhcp6Parser::make_RESERVATIONS_GLOBAL(), isc::dhcp::Dhcp6Parser::make_RESERVATIONS_IN_SUBNET(), isc::dhcp::Dhcp6Parser::make_RESERVATIONS_LOOKUP_FIRST(), isc::dhcp::Dhcp6Parser::make_RESERVATIONS_OUT_OF_POOL(), isc::dhcp::Dhcp6Parser::make_RETRY_ON_STARTUP(), isc::dhcp::Dhcp6Parser::make_RSQUARE_BRACKET(), isc::dhcp::Dhcp6Parser::make_SANITY_CHECKS(), isc::dhcp::Dhcp6Parser::make_SENDER_IP(), isc::dhcp::Dhcp6Parser::make_SENDER_PORT(), isc::dhcp::Dhcp6Parser::make_SERVE_RETRY_CONTINUE(), isc::dhcp::Dhcp6Parser::make_SERVE_RETRY_EXIT(), isc::dhcp::Dhcp6Parser::make_SERVER_ID(), isc::dhcp::Dhcp6Parser::make_SERVER_IP(), isc::dhcp::Dhcp6Parser::make_SERVER_PORT(), isc::dhcp::Dhcp6Parser::make_SERVER_TAG(), isc::dhcp::Dhcp6Parser::make_SERVICE_SOCKETS_MAX_RETRIES(), isc::dhcp::Dhcp6Parser::make_SERVICE_SOCKETS_REQUIRE_ALL(), isc::dhcp::Dhcp6Parser::make_SERVICE_SOCKETS_RETRY_WAIT_TIME(), isc::dhcp::Dhcp6Parser::make_SEVERITY(), isc::dhcp::Dhcp6Parser::make_SHARED_NETWORKS(), isc::dhcp::Dhcp6Parser::make_SOCKET_NAME(), isc::dhcp::Dhcp6Parser::make_SOCKET_TYPE(), isc::dhcp::Dhcp6Parser::make_SPACE(), isc::dhcp::Dhcp6Parser::make_STATISTIC_DEFAULT_SAMPLE_AGE(), isc::dhcp::Dhcp6Parser::make_STATISTIC_DEFAULT_SAMPLE_COUNT(), isc::dhcp::Dhcp6Parser::make_STOP_RETRY_EXIT(), isc::dhcp::Dhcp6Parser::make_STORE_EXTENDED_INFO(), isc::dhcp::Dhcp6Parser::make_STRING(), isc::dhcp::Dhcp6Parser::make_SUBNET(), isc::dhcp::Dhcp6Parser::make_SUBNET6(), isc::dhcp::Dhcp6Parser::make_T1_PERCENT(), isc::dhcp::Dhcp6Parser::make_T2_PERCENT(), isc::dhcp::Dhcp6Parser::make_TCP(), isc::dhcp::Dhcp6Parser::make_TCP_USER_TIMEOUT(), isc::dhcp::Dhcp6Parser::make_TEMPLATE_TEST(), isc::dhcp::Dhcp6Parser::make_TEST(), isc::dhcp::Dhcp6Parser::make_THREAD_POOL_SIZE(), isc::dhcp::Dhcp6Parser::make_TIME(), isc::dhcp::Dhcp6Parser::make_TRUST_ANCHOR(), isc::dhcp::Dhcp6Parser::make_TYPE(), isc::dhcp::Dhcp6Parser::make_UDP(), isc::dhcp::Dhcp6Parser::make_UNWARNED_RECLAIM_CYCLES(), isc::dhcp::Dhcp6Parser::make_USER(), isc::dhcp::Dhcp6Parser::make_USER_CONTEXT(), isc::dhcp::Dhcp6Parser::make_VALID_LIFETIME(), isc::dhcp::Dhcp6Parser::make_WHEN_NOT_PRESENT(), isc::dhcp::Dhcp6Parser::make_WHEN_PRESENT(), isc::dhcp::Dhcp6Parser::make_WRITE_TIMEOUT(), isc::dhcp::Parser6Context::NCR_FORMAT, isc::dhcp::Parser6Context::NCR_PROTOCOL, isc::dhcp::Parser6Context::OPTION_DATA, isc::dhcp::Parser6Context::OPTION_DEF, isc::dhcp::Parser6Context::OUTPUT_OPTIONS, isc::dhcp::Parser6Context::PD_POOLS, isc::dhcp::Parser6Context::POOLS, isc::dhcp::Parser6Context::RELAY, isc::dhcp::Parser6Context::REPLACE_CLIENT_NAME, isc::dhcp::Parser6Context::RESERVATIONS, isc::dhcp::Parser6Context::SANITY_CHECKS, isc::dhcp::Parser6Context::SERVER_ID, isc::dhcp::Parser6Context::SHARED_NETWORK, isc::dhcp::Parser6Context::SUBNET6, yy_act, yy_bp, YY_BREAK, YY_BUFFER_NEW, YY_BUFFER_NORMAL, yy_cp, YY_CURRENT_BUFFER, YY_CURRENT_BUFFER_LVALUE, YY_DO_BEFORE_ACTION, YY_END_OF_BUFFER, YY_FATAL_ERROR, yy_flex_debug, YY_MORE_ADJ, YY_NEW_FILE, YY_RESTORE_YY_MORE_OFFSET, YY_RULE_SETUP, YY_SC_TO_UI, YY_START, YY_STATE_EOF, yyin, yyleng, yytext, yytext_ptr, and yywrap.

+ Here is the call graph for this function:

◆ yy_create_buffer()

YY_BUFFER_STATE yy_create_buffer ( FILE * file,
int size )

Allocate and initialize an input buffer state.

fileA readable stream.
sizeThe character buffer size in bytes. When in doubt, use YY_BUF_SIZE.
the allocated buffer state.

Definition at line 6101 of file

References yy_buffer_state::yy_buf_size, yy_buffer_state::yy_ch_buf, YY_FATAL_ERROR, yy_init_buffer, yy_buffer_state::yy_is_our_buffer, and yyalloc.

◆ yy_delete_buffer()

void yy_delete_buffer ( YY_BUFFER_STATE b)

Destroy the buffer.

ba buffer created with yy_create_buffer()

Definition at line 6136 of file

References yy_buffer_state::yy_ch_buf, YY_CURRENT_BUFFER, YY_CURRENT_BUFFER_LVALUE, yy_buffer_state::yy_is_our_buffer, and yyfree.

◆ yy_flush_buffer()

void yy_flush_buffer ( YY_BUFFER_STATE b)

Discard all buffered characters.

On the next scan, YY_INPUT will be called.

bthe buffer state to be flushed, usually YY_CURRENT_BUFFER.

Definition at line 6200 of file

References yy_buffer_state::yy_at_bol, yy_buffer_state::yy_buf_pos, YY_BUFFER_NEW, yy_buffer_state::yy_buffer_status, yy_buffer_state::yy_ch_buf, YY_CURRENT_BUFFER, YY_END_OF_BUFFER_CHAR, yy_load_buffer_state, and yy_buffer_state::yy_n_chars.

◆ yy_scan_buffer()

YY_BUFFER_STATE yy_scan_buffer ( char * base,
yy_size_t size )

Setup the input buffer state to scan directly from a user-specified character buffer.

basethe character buffer
sizethe size in bytes of the character buffer
the newly allocated buffer state object.

Definition at line 6349 of file

References yy_buffer_state::yy_at_bol, yy_buffer_state::yy_buf_pos, yy_buffer_state::yy_buf_size, YY_BUFFER_NEW, yy_buffer_state::yy_buffer_status, yy_buffer_state::yy_ch_buf, YY_END_OF_BUFFER_CHAR, YY_FATAL_ERROR, yy_buffer_state::yy_fill_buffer, yy_buffer_state::yy_input_file, yy_buffer_state::yy_is_interactive, yy_buffer_state::yy_is_our_buffer, yy_buffer_state::yy_n_chars, yy_switch_to_buffer, and yyalloc.

◆ yy_scan_bytes()

YY_BUFFER_STATE yy_scan_bytes ( const char * yybytes,
int _yybytes_len )

Setup the input buffer state to scan the given bytes.

The next call to yylex() will scan from a copy of bytes.

yybytesthe byte buffer to scan
_yybytes_lenthe number of bytes in the buffer pointed to by bytes.
the newly allocated buffer state object.

Definition at line 6403 of file

References YY_END_OF_BUFFER_CHAR, YY_FATAL_ERROR, yy_buffer_state::yy_is_our_buffer, yy_scan_buffer, and yyalloc.

◆ yy_scan_string()

YY_BUFFER_STATE yy_scan_string ( const char * yystr)

Setup the input buffer state to scan a string.

The next call to yylex() will scan from a copy of str.

yystra NUL-terminated string to scan
the newly allocated buffer state object.
If you want to scan bytes that may contain NUL values, then use yy_scan_bytes() instead.

Definition at line 6388 of file

References yy_scan_bytes.

◆ yy_switch_to_buffer()

void yy_switch_to_buffer ( YY_BUFFER_STATE new_buffer)

Switch to a different input buffer.

new_bufferThe new input buffer.

Definition at line 6044 of file

References YY_CURRENT_BUFFER, YY_CURRENT_BUFFER_LVALUE, yy_load_buffer_state, and yyensure_buffer_stack.

◆ yyalloc()

void * yyalloc ( yy_size_t size)

Definition at line 6640 of file

◆ yyfree()

void yyfree ( void * ptr)

Definition at line 6658 of file

◆ yypush_buffer_state()

void yypush_buffer_state ( YY_BUFFER_STATE new_buffer)

Pushes the new state onto the stack.

The new state becomes the current state. This function will allocate the stack if necessary.

new_bufferThe new state.

Definition at line 6234 of file

References YY_CURRENT_BUFFER, YY_CURRENT_BUFFER_LVALUE, yy_load_buffer_state, and yyensure_buffer_stack.

◆ yyrealloc()

void * yyrealloc ( void * ptr,
yy_size_t size )

Definition at line 6645 of file

◆ yyrestart()

void yyrestart ( FILE * input_file)

Immediately switch to a different input stream.

input_fileA readable stream.
This function does not reset the start condition to INITIAL .

Definition at line 6020 of file

References YY_BUF_SIZE, yy_create_buffer, YY_CURRENT_BUFFER, YY_CURRENT_BUFFER_LVALUE, yy_init_buffer, yy_load_buffer_state, yyensure_buffer_stack, and yyin.

◆ yyset_debug()

void yyset_debug ( int debug_flag)

Definition at line 6547 of file

References yy_flex_debug.

◆ yyset_extra()

void yyset_extra ( YY_EXTRA_TYPE user_defined)

◆ yyset_in()

void yyset_in ( FILE * _in_str)

Set the input stream.

This does not discard the current input buffer.

_in_strA readable stream.
See also

Definition at line 6532 of file

References yyin.

◆ yyset_lineno()

void yyset_lineno ( int _line_number)

Set the current line number.

_line_numberline number

Definition at line 6520 of file

References yylineno.

◆ yyset_out()

void yyset_out ( FILE * _out_str)

Definition at line 6537 of file

References yyout.

Variable Documentation

◆ yy_act

int yy_act

Definition at line 2454 of file

Referenced by while().

◆ yy_bp

char * yy_bp

Definition at line 2453 of file

Referenced by while().

◆ yy_cp

char* yy_cp

Definition at line 2453 of file

Referenced by while().


Initial value:
yy_state_type yy_current_state
int yy_state_type

The main scanner function which does all the work.

Definition at line 2450 of file

◆ yy_flex_debug

int yy_flex_debug = 1

Definition at line 2100 of file

◆ yyin

FILE* yyin = NULL

Definition at line 658 of file

◆ yyleng

int yyleng

Definition at line 590 of file

◆ yylineno

int yylineno = 1

Definition at line 663 of file

◆ yyout

FILE * yyout = NULL

Definition at line 460 of file

◆ yytext

char* yytext

Definition at line 2138 of file