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isc::db::DbAccessParser Class Reference

Parse Database Parameters. More...

#include <dbaccess_parser.h>

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Public Member Functions

 DbAccessParser ()
virtual ~DbAccessParser ()
 The destructor.
const DatabaseConnection::ParameterMapgetDbAccessParameters () const
 Get database access parameters.
void parse (std::string &access_string, isc::data::ConstElementPtr database_config)
 Parse configuration value.
- Public Member Functions inherited from isc::data::SimpleParser
uint16_t getUint16 (isc::data::ConstElementPtr scope, const std::string &name)
 Returns a value converted to uint16_t.
uint32_t getUint32 (isc::data::ConstElementPtr scope, const std::string &name)
 Returns a value converted to uint32_t.
uint8_t getUint8 (ConstElementPtr scope, const std::string &name)
 Get an uint8_t value.
const isc::util::Triplet< uint32_t > parseIntTriplet (const data::ConstElementPtr &scope, const std::string &name)
 Parses an integer triplet.

Protected Member Functions

std::string getDbAccessString () const
 Construct database access string.
- Protected Member Functions inherited from isc::data::SimpleParser
template<typename target_type , target_type convert>
target_type getAndConvert (isc::data::ConstElementPtr scope, const std::string &name, const std::string &type_name)
 Returns a converted value from a scope.
template<typename int_type >
int_type getIntType (isc::data::ConstElementPtr scope, const std::string &name)
 Returns an integer value with range checking from a scope.

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from isc::data::SimpleParser
static void checkKeywords (const SimpleKeywords &keywords, isc::data::ConstElementPtr scope)
 Checks acceptable keywords with their expected type.
static void checkRequired (const SimpleRequiredKeywords &required, isc::data::ConstElementPtr scope)
 Checks that all required keywords are present.
static size_t deriveParams (isc::data::ConstElementPtr parent, isc::data::ElementPtr child, const ParamsList &params)
 Derives (inherits) parameters from parent scope to a child.
static isc::asiolink::IOAddress getAddress (const ConstElementPtr &scope, const std::string &name)
 Returns a IOAddress parameter from a scope.
static bool getBoolean (isc::data::ConstElementPtr scope, const std::string &name)
 Returns a boolean parameter from a scope.
static double getDouble (const ConstElementPtr &scope, const std::string &name)
 Returns a floating point parameter from a scope.
static int64_t getInteger (isc::data::ConstElementPtr scope, const std::string &name)
 Returns an integer parameter from a scope.
static int64_t getInteger (isc::data::ConstElementPtr scope, const std::string &name, int64_t min, int64_t max)
 Returns an integer parameter from a scope and checks its range.
static const data::Element::PositiongetPosition (const std::string &name, const data::ConstElementPtr parent)
 Utility method that returns position of an element.
static std::string getString (isc::data::ConstElementPtr scope, const std::string &name)
 Returns a string parameter from a scope.
static size_t setDefaults (isc::data::ElementPtr scope, const SimpleDefaults &default_values)
 Sets the default values.
static size_t setListDefaults (isc::data::ConstElementPtr list, const SimpleDefaults &default_values)
 Sets the default values for all entries in a list.

Detailed Description

Parse Database Parameters.

This class is the parser for the database configuration. This is a map under the top-level "lease-database", "hosts-database" and "config-database" elements, and comprises a map of strings.

Definition at line 25 of file dbaccess_parser.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ DbAccessParser()

isc::db::DbAccessParser::DbAccessParser ( )


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◆ ~DbAccessParser()

virtual isc::db::DbAccessParser::~DbAccessParser ( )

The destructor.

Definition at line 31 of file dbaccess_parser.h.

Member Function Documentation

◆ getDbAccessParameters()

const DatabaseConnection::ParameterMap & isc::db::DbAccessParser::getDbAccessParameters ( ) const

Get database access parameters.

Used in testing to check that the configuration information has been parsed correctly.

Reference to the internal map of keyword/value pairs representing database access information. This is valid only for so long as the parser remains in existence.

Definition at line 63 of file dbaccess_parser.h.

◆ getDbAccessString()

std::string isc::db::DbAccessParser::getDbAccessString ( ) const

Construct database access string.

Constructs the database access string from the stored parameters.

Database access string

Definition at line 268 of file

Referenced by parse().

◆ parse()

void isc::db::DbAccessParser::parse ( std::string &  access_string,
isc::data::ConstElementPtr  database_config 

Parse configuration value.

Parses the set of strings forming the database access specification and checks that all are OK. In particular it checks:

  • "type" is "memfile", "mysql" or "postgresql"
  • "lfc-interval" is a number from the range of 0 to 4294967295.
  • "connect-timeout" is a number from the range of 0 to 4294967295.
  • "port" is a number from the range of 0 to 65535.

Once all has been validated, constructs the database access string.

[out]access_stringGenerated database access string.
database_configThe configuration value for the "*-database" identifier.
isc::dhcp::DbConfigErrorThe connection parameters or their combination is invalid.

Definition at line 33 of file

References getDbAccessString(), and isc_throw.

Referenced by isc::process::ConfigControlParser::parse(), isc::dhcp::processDhcp4Config(), and isc::dhcp::processDhcp6Config().

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