Kea 2.7.1
isc::cryptolink::ossl Namespace Reference


class  SecBuf
 Secure Buffers which are wiped out when released. More...


const EVP_MD * getHashAlgorithm (isc::cryptolink::HashAlgorithm algorithm)
 Decode the HashAlgorithm enum into an EVP_MD pointer (or 0)

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◆ getHashAlgorithm()

const EVP_MD * isc::cryptolink::ossl::getHashAlgorithm ( isc::cryptolink::HashAlgorithm algorithm)

Decode the HashAlgorithm enum into an EVP_MD pointer (or 0)

EVP_MD pointer is a OpenSSL's way of identifying hash algorithms

algorithmalgorithm to be converted
pointer to a static EVP_MD which identifies the algorithm

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References isc::cryptolink::MD5, isc::cryptolink::SHA1, isc::cryptolink::SHA224, isc::cryptolink::SHA256, isc::cryptolink::SHA384, isc::cryptolink::SHA512, and isc::cryptolink::UNKNOWN_HASH.

Referenced by isc::cryptolink::HashImpl::HashImpl(), and isc::cryptolink::HMACImpl::HMACImpl().