Kea  2.3.6-git
Specifies supported observation types.

The list covers all supported types of observations. More...


typedef std::pair< StatsDuration, SampleClock::time_point > isc::stats::DurationSample
 Time Duration. More...
typedef std::pair< double, SampleClock::time_point > isc::stats::FloatSample
 Float (implemented as double precision) More...
typedef std::pair< int64_t, SampleClock::time_point > isc::stats::IntegerSample
 Integer (implemented as signed 64-bit integer) More...
typedef std::pair< std::string, SampleClock::time_point > isc::stats::StringSample
 String. More...

Detailed Description

The list covers all supported types of observations.

Typedef Documentation

◆ DurationSample

typedef std::pair<StatsDuration, SampleClock::time_point> isc::stats::DurationSample

Time Duration.

Definition at line 62 of file observation.h.

◆ FloatSample

typedef std::pair<double, SampleClock::time_point> isc::stats::FloatSample

Float (implemented as double precision)

Definition at line 59 of file observation.h.

◆ IntegerSample

typedef std::pair<int64_t, SampleClock::time_point> isc::stats::IntegerSample

Integer (implemented as signed 64-bit integer)

Definition at line 56 of file observation.h.

◆ StringSample

typedef std::pair<std::string, SampleClock::time_point> isc::stats::StringSample


Definition at line 65 of file observation.h.