Kea 2.7.0
ha_service_states.h File Reference
#include <util/state_model.h>
#include <string>
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namespace  isc
 Defines the logger used by the top-level component of kea-lfc.
namespace  isc::ha


std::string isc::ha::stateToString (int state)
 Returns state name.
int isc::ha::stringToState (const std::string &state_name)
 Returns state for a given name.


const int isc::ha::HA_BACKUP_ST = util::StateModel::SM_DERIVED_STATE_MIN + 1
 Backup state.
const int isc::ha::HA_COMMUNICATION_RECOVERY_ST = util::StateModel::SM_DERIVED_STATE_MIN + 2
 Communication recovery state.
const int isc::ha::HA_HOT_STANDBY_ST = util::StateModel::SM_DERIVED_STATE_MIN + 3
 Hot standby state.
const int isc::ha::HA_IN_MAINTENANCE_ST = util::StateModel::SM_DERIVED_STATE_MIN + 5
 In maintenance state.
const int isc::ha::HA_LOAD_BALANCING_ST = util::StateModel::SM_DERIVED_STATE_MIN + 4
 Load balancing state.
const int isc::ha::HA_PARTNER_DOWN_ST = util::StateModel::SM_DERIVED_STATE_MIN + 6
 Partner down state.
const int isc::ha::HA_PARTNER_IN_MAINTENANCE_ST = util::StateModel::SM_DERIVED_STATE_MIN + 7
 Partner in-maintenance state.
const int isc::ha::HA_PASSIVE_BACKUP_ST = util::StateModel::SM_DERIVED_STATE_MIN + 8
 In passive-backup state with a single active server and backup servers.
const int isc::ha::HA_READY_ST = util::StateModel::SM_DERIVED_STATE_MIN + 9
 Server ready state, i.e. synchronized database, can enable DHCP service.
const int isc::ha::HA_SYNCING_ST = util::StateModel::SM_DERIVED_STATE_MIN + 10
 Synchronizing database state.
const int isc::ha::HA_TERMINATED_ST = util::StateModel::SM_DERIVED_STATE_MIN + 11
 HA service terminated state.
const int isc::ha::HA_UNAVAILABLE_ST = util::StateModel::SM_DERIVED_STATE_MIN + 1000
 Special state indicating that this server is unable to communicate with the partner.
const int isc::ha::HA_WAITING_ST = util::StateModel::SM_DERIVED_STATE_MIN + 12
 Server waiting state, i.e. waiting for another server to be ready.