Kea 2.5.8
listener.h File Reference
#include <asiolink/io_address.h>
#include <asiolink/io_service.h>
#include <asiolink/crypto_tls.h>
#include <exceptions/exceptions.h>
#include <http/response_creator_factory.h>
#include <boost/shared_ptr.hpp>
#include <cstdint>
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class  isc::http::HttpListener
 HTTP listener. More...
class  isc::http::HttpListenerError
 A generic error raised by the HttpListener class. More...
struct  isc::http::HttpListener::IdleTimeout
 Idle connection timeout. More...
struct  isc::http::HttpListener::RequestTimeout
 HTTP request timeout value. More...


namespace  isc
 Defines the logger used by the top-level component of kea-lfc.
namespace  isc::http


typedef boost::shared_ptr< const HttpListener > isc::http::ConstHttpListenerPtr
 Pointer to the const HttpListener.
typedef boost::shared_ptr< HttpListener > isc::http::HttpListenerPtr
 Pointer to the HttpListener.