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isc::ha::HAConfig::StateMachineConfig Class Reference

State machine configuration information. More...

#include <ha_config.h>

Public Member Functions

 StateMachineConfig ()
 Constructor. More...
StateConfigPtr getStateConfig (const int state)
 Returns pointer to the state specific configuration. More...

Detailed Description

State machine configuration information.

Currently it merely contains a collection of states specific configurations. In the future it may also contain global state machine configuration parameters.

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ StateMachineConfig()

isc::ha::HAConfig::StateMachineConfig::StateMachineConfig ( )


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Member Function Documentation

◆ getStateConfig()

HAConfig::StateConfigPtr isc::ha::HAConfig::StateMachineConfig::getStateConfig ( const int  state)

Returns pointer to the state specific configuration.

If requested configuration doesn't exist yet, it is created.

stateidentifier of the state for which configuration object should be returned.
Pointer to the state configuration.

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References isc::ha::HAConfig::StateConfig::StateConfig().

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