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isc::dhcp::TokenOr Class Reference

Token that represents logical or operator. More...

#include <token.h>

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Public Member Functions

 TokenOr ()
 Constructor (does nothing)
void evaluate (Pkt &pkt, ValueStack &values)
 Logical or.
- Public Member Functions inherited from isc::dhcp::Token
virtual ~Token ()
 Virtual destructor.
virtual void evaluate (Pkt &pkt, ValueStack &values)=0
 This is a generic method for evaluating a packet.

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from isc::dhcp::Token
static bool toBool (std::string value)
 Coverts a (string) value to a boolean.

Detailed Description

Token that represents logical or operator.

For example "option[10].exists or option[11].exists"

Definition at line 1019 of file token.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ TokenOr()

isc::dhcp::TokenOr::TokenOr ( )

Constructor (does nothing)

Definition at line 1022 of file token.h.

Member Function Documentation

◆ evaluate()

void TokenOr::evaluate ( Pkt pkt,
ValueStack values 

Logical or.

Evaluation does not use packet information, but rather consumes the last two parameters. It returns "false" if and only if both are "false". It requires at least two logical (i.e., "true" or "false') values present on stack. @throw EvalBadStack if there are less than 2 values on stack @throw EvalTypeError if one of the 2 values on stack is not "true" or "false"

values- stack of values (2 arguments will be popped, 1 result will be pushed)

Implements isc::dhcp::Token.

Definition at line 1067 of file

References isc::dhcp::EVAL_DBG_STACK, isc::dhcp::EVAL_DEBUG_OR, isc::dhcp::eval_logger, isc::dhcp::Pkt::getLabel(), isc_throw, LOG_DEBUG, and isc::dhcp::Token::toBool().

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