Kea 2.7.1
isc::dhcp::PgSqlHostDataSource::PgSqlHostContextAlloc Class Reference

Context RAII Allocator. More...

#include <pgsql_host_data_source.h>

Public Member Functions

 PgSqlHostContextAlloc (PgSqlHostDataSourceImpl &mgr)
 ~PgSqlHostContextAlloc ()

Public Attributes

PgSqlHostContextPtr ctx_
 The context.

Detailed Description

Context RAII Allocator.

Definition at line 557 of file pgsql_host_data_source.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ PgSqlHostContextAlloc()

isc::dhcp::PgSqlHostDataSource::PgSqlHostContextAlloc::PgSqlHostContextAlloc ( PgSqlHostDataSourceImpl & mgr)


This constructor takes a context of the pool if one is available or creates a new one.

mgrA parent instance

Definition at line 2233 of file

References isc::dhcp::PgSqlHostDataSourceImpl::createContext(), ctx_, isc::util::MultiThreadingMgr::instance(), isc_throw, and isc::dhcp::PgSqlHostDataSourceImpl::pool_.

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◆ ~PgSqlHostContextAlloc()

isc::dhcp::PgSqlHostDataSource::PgSqlHostContextAlloc::~PgSqlHostContextAlloc ( )


This destructor puts back the context in the pool.

Definition at line 2258 of file

References isc::util::MultiThreadingMgr::instance().

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Member Data Documentation

◆ ctx_

PgSqlHostContextPtr isc::dhcp::PgSqlHostDataSource::PgSqlHostContextAlloc::ctx_

The context.

Definition at line 574 of file pgsql_host_data_source.h.

Referenced by PgSqlHostContextAlloc(), and isc::dhcp::PgSqlHostDataSource::update().

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