Kea  2.5.3
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1 // Copyright (C) 2012-2015 Internet Systems Consortium, Inc. ("ISC")
2 //
3 // This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
4 // License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
5 // file, You can obtain one at
7 #ifndef DNS_FWD_H
8 #define DNS_FWD_H 1
17 namespace isc {
18 namespace dns {
20 class EDNS;
21 class Name;
22 class MasterLoader;
24 class Message;
26 class MessageRenderer;
27 class NSEC3Hash;
28 class NSEC3HashCreator;
29 class Opcode;
30 class Question;
31 class Rcode;
32 namespace rdata {
33 class Rdata;
34 }
35 class RRCollator;
36 class RRClass;
37 class RRType;
38 class RRTTL;
39 class AbstractRRset;
40 class RdataIterator;
42 class RRsetCollection;
43 class Serial;
44 class TSIGContext;
45 class TSIGError;
46 class TSIGKey;
47 class TSIGKeyRing;
48 class TSIGRecord;
50 } // namespace dns
51 } // namespace isc
52 #endif // DNS_FWD_H
54 // Local Variables:
55 // mode: c++
56 // End:
The AbstractMessageRenderer class is an abstract base class that provides common interfaces for rende...
The AbstractRRset class is an abstract base class that models a DNS RRset.
Definition: rrset.h:154
The EDNS class represents the EDNS OPT RR defined in RFC2671.
Definition: edns.h:123
Set of issue callbacks for a loader.
A class able to load DNS master files.
Definition: master_loader.h:36
The MessageRenderer is a concrete derived class of AbstractMessageRenderer as a general purpose imple...
The Message class encapsulates a standard DNS message.
Definition: message.h:154
Factory class of NSEC3Hash.
Definition: nsec3hash.h:203
A calculator of NSEC3 hashes.
Definition: nsec3hash.h:74
The Name class encapsulates DNS names.
Definition: name.h:223
The Opcode class objects represent standard OPCODEs of the header section of DNS messages as defined ...
Definition: opcode.h:32
The Question class encapsulates the common search key of DNS lookup, consisting of owner name,...
Definition: question.h:95
The RRClass class encapsulates DNS resource record classes.
Definition: rrclass.h:98
A converter from a stream of RRs to a stream of collated RRsets.
Definition: rrcollator.h:45
The RRTTL class encapsulates TTLs used in DNS resource records.
Definition: rrttl.h:55
The RRType class encapsulates DNS resource record types.
Definition: rrtype.h:106
Generic class to represent a set of RRsets.
libdns++ implementation of RRsetCollectionBase using an STL container.
DNS Response Codes (RCODEs) class.
Definition: rcode.h:40
The RdataIterator class is an abstract base class that provides an interface for accessing RDATA obje...
Definition: rrset.h:558
This class defines DNS serial numbers and serial arithmetic.
Definition: serial.h:41
TSIG session context.
Definition: tsig.h:171
TSIG errors.
Definition: tsigerror.h:22
A simple repository of a set of TSIGKey objects.
Definition: tsigkey.h:246
TSIG key.
Definition: tsigkey.h:56
TSIG resource record.
Definition: tsigrecord.h:54
The Rdata class is an abstract base class that provides a set of common interfaces to manipulate conc...
Definition: rdata.h:123
Defines the logger used by the top-level component of kea-lfc.